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LatinAmericanCupid – Want A Latin Wife or Lover?

LatinAmericanCupid – Want A Latin Wife or Lover?

A meeting spot for Latinas and Latin lovers, LatinAmericanCupid brings together a bunch of people who’re up for romance. Or just hanging out together.

The whole website is used a lot by wannabe marriage seekers. But if you’re using it to look out for friends that can work too.

Keep in mind that Latin women have a reputation for being “hot headed”.

LatAmCupid is one of CupidMedia‘s top sites. It has about half million singles looking for their soul mate.

Here’s what people are there for, in order:

  • Latin women looking to marry and leave their homeland
  • Non Latin men looking for a spouse
  • Latin singles dating amongst themselves
  • Latin singles using the site as a social hang out
  • Men/women looking for online hang out buddies
  • People looking for same sex relationships

Why Date Latin Women?

signup page, latinamericancupidThere are a lot of young women living in and around the poor South American countries who want to leave. On the other side of the world there are lonely men in other countries like the U.S. Canada or Europe who want to get to know these women.

Latin women are sexy, loyal and great cooks. Every man’s dream! Maybe that’s why single guys are queuing up to find themselves a Latin wife.

Keep in mind that Latin women have a reputation for being “hot headed”. I have Latin roots and have to admit this is in my blood too. I can be hot and passionate one minute. And in a fiery temper the next.

Men who date Latinas need to have a cool hand, and a strong heart. Otherwise they’ll be completely trampled on by their woman.

These girls usually get their way. With a combo of charming sophistication, and blatant sexual manipulation they get their man to obey!

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Compared to women in other countries Latin women are also very jealous minded. Being prepared for these cultural differences is essential. It’s not all wine and roses as some would have you believe.

How LatinAmericanCupid Really Works

LatinAmericanCupid lets you put up your photo profile once you complete the formalities. You just need to register with an email address and fill in the personal stuff. Then upload any photos or anything else you want to adorn your profile with. Don’t forget to put in the detail. That’s what makes the difference. Put in cupid tags too so that people can find you.

If you’re looking for casual hookups only be sure to say that loud and clear on your profile. There’s nothing wrong with that by the way.

And don’t forget to fill in the personality section properly. That’s a must as the site’s matching works with the info you put on there.

User groupPercentage of users (%)
Latin females seeking foreign husbands28%
Non Latin males seeking brides40%
Single Latin people dating locally12%
People looking for friendship or pen pal relationships11%
Gay/lesbians looking for same sex relationships4%
All others5%

Be Clear What You Want But Leave Some Mystery

Unlike sites you might be used to, the Hispanic style is to be upfront and clear about what you want. Make sure you say what kind of relationship you want to find. Doing this is of the essence as it shows you’re not just there to fool around.

If you’re looking for casual hookups only be sure to say that loud and clear on your profile. There’s nothing wrong with that by the way. But if you dupe a few girls, you’ll soon get a bad rep for being a bit of a player. The site is very social. So just like Facebook, gossip travels fast. Especially bad stuff.

What To Look Out For

You put your nice profile up, send a few emails, chat to a few people. Then a few days later – spammy messages in your inbox. Watch out for people contacting you with “sob stories”. I had a few that I nearly fell for.

Starts off innocent enough with a few niceties like complementing your profile. Next they say something like “I’m working abroad and got stuck here – can you send some money?”. You’d think anyone falling for that would be an idiot right? Well it catches a lot of people.

In fairness LatinAmericanCupid is a secure site. They have good checks in place and scammers get thrown-out quickly. But being clued up is the best way to stay on the
safe side.

Using IM Chat To Break The Ice

Tip:  What I found works well on LatinAmericanCupid was to reach out to people first with chat. So rather than sending one or two emails and hoping they respond just go direct to one on one. Use the chat dialog window to message people who’re online right at that moment in time. This works well because:

  • You don’t get bogged down with contacting “dead profiles”
  • You find out there and then if they like you or not – saves time
  • Direct chat reveals a lot about your new friend – nearly as good as how they are in real life

Making the Most of the Membership

When you finish your registration you’ll be enrolled for the standard membership. This is free. It lets you use the site indefinitely. But it limits how much communication you can have. You can send and read messages from people who’re fully enrolled. That means people who’ve signed up for either Gold or Platinum accounts.

  • Gold upgrade prices
  • Platinum upgrade prices
1 Month $29.99  •  3 Months $59.99  •   6 Months $99.99
1 Month $34.99   •  3 Months $69.99  •  6 Months $119.99

What The Full Upgrade Will Give You

Going for full membership lifts all of the restrictions. It also gives you some goodies like videos and extra access. Premium users can contact anyone without restrictions. Fully use of IM Chat and email. They also are able to add a full personality profile and get match on it.

Can It Be Successful?

If you follow my advice there’s no reason why you can’t make LatinAmericanCupid work. The site pairs up hundreds of couples every month. There’s plenty enough men and women on there to find dates and get out and meet new singles. I even had a few local invites from local people living nearby.

Be careful of the scammers and have realistic expectations. That’s the main thing. Don’t expect things to happen overnight. Latin people take a while before they trust anyone they don’t know. So being mindful of other cultures can go a long way to a happy relationship.

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