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IndonesianCupid – Uniquely Asian Dating?

IndonesianCupid – Uniquely Asian Dating?

A lively Asian romance spot for meeting and mingling with Indonesians. IndonosiaCupid brings people together from all walks of life and for all kinds of relationships.

Many people are drawn to the site in search of foreign marriage – this is one of its key attractions. If you’re a Western man looking for an Indonesian woman this is certainly a good option. You’ll also find women who are looking to meet Asian men in order to start a new life in that part of the world. Going the other way as it were.

Indonesian women are stunning but also very traditional and homely. This makes them sought after by men from other lands who’re looking for a traditional wife. These men have often been disappointed by fickle relationships with Western women.

The website has strong following from young Indonesians. Many of these are living in big cities such as Jakarta and Surabaya. But you’ll also find many who’re from the many islands that make up this county such as Bali, Papua, and Sumatra. This makes the website very diverse and a fascinating mixture of cultures.

If you’re after romance or perhaps just curious about meeting someone from this area IndonesianCupid could be an option for you.

Try Before You Buy

The site does have a “try before you buy” policy. This lets you use most features for free while you make up your mind. Free (or guest) membership is where most people start. There’s no commitment, no credit cards needed or anything else. You sign up with an email address and can start out on your journey for Asian romance.

There isn’t a time limit on the free account. You can use it for as long as you choose. Of course being “free” there are a few limitations with it. You can’t chat directly to anyone for instance. You have to wait until they send a message to you.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be allowed to chat to other free members – only paying ones. This limits the number of people you can meet – especially for men. This being due to the fact that most of the women there are on free memberships.

IndonesianCupid mixes romance and social activities – It’s an exciting mix of people from Indonesian islands and from the West

As with most dating sites I recommend starting off with the non-paid account. IndonesianCupid is no different. You’ll see within a few hours on the site if its for you or not and there’s no point wasting money if it isn’t.

Getting Started

IndonesianCupid’s half million members can basically chat and flirt privately in the secure space provided. The site doesn’t have any formal matchmaking system. Members are left to forge their own relationships. They do have a “quick match” feature which becomes very handy once you get used to it.

Quick match tells you in a few moments if the person you are looking at is likely to be a good match to you. For example it looks at what both of you are looking for in terms of a relationship, what interests you have, what your age and sexual preferences are.

Hint •   Of course what I quickly found out is that this only works if you’ve set up all of the information in your profile correctly. This is necessary because “quick match” looks at both sides of the relationship as it were. If your profile isn’t filled in or is inaccurate it naturally won’t give very useful results.

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Another thing to familiarize yourself with is the searching feature. There are a lot of options to do searches and really fine tune to exactly what you are looking for.

The main search form lets you narrow down on the basics such as gender, age, relationship sought and even physical appearance. There’s also a number of other options that let you find people who might share your own interests and hobbies. The favourites button lets you keep a record of people you’re interested in. The flirt buttons also let you send out instant virtual winks and kisses to your chosen one.

Who Uses IndonesianCupid?

As I said above IndonesianCupid does have a strong following of Asian women and men from the Indonesian islands. One thing I found surprising though was that there are also quite a few Eastern European women there. The ones I chatted to told me they were looking for husbands in Asia. There were quite a few there from places like the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

IndonesianCupid also attracts Eastern European women looking for Indonesian husbands

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Western men can also be found in abundance. I chatted to quite a few there and found men of all varieties: young, old, rich and poor. What they all shared was a belief that they have more chance of finding the wife they really want by looking in Asia. For some it was the pretty, demure nature of Indonesian women. For others it was the traditional family values.

IndonesianCupid UsersPercentage (%)
Indonesian women24%
Eastern European women7%
Asian men22%
Western men35%
Other ethnic backgrounds9%
These are based on my short survey of users I met on the site.

Going Forward

Foreign romances can be exciting and eye opening. Of course they don’t come without their share of challenges. I found IndonesianCupid to be a unique mixing pot of cultures and romance. Some people are seeking marriage though many are just curious. The website draws in a huge variety of people from across the Indonesian islands and from other parts of the world. This adds to its vibrancy.

If this sounds interesting, IndonesianCupid does offer a safe and secure way to look for a foreign romance. The “try and buy” option lets you test drive the site without cost or commitment.

A lively Asian romance spot for meeting and mingling with Indonesians. IndonosiaCupid brings people together from all walks of life and for all kinds of relationships.

Review Overview

Mix of Members - 76%
Chance of Success - 72%
Value for Money - 80%
Privacy and Security - 84%
Free Options - 44%


Summary : Indonesia has a few dedicated dating sites but this one is by far the biggest and most "feature rich". The "free account" option lets you get started with minimum fuss.

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