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BBWCupid, Where Big Means More to Love

BBWCupid, Where Big Means More to Love

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Don’t be fooled by the name, BBW just means big beautiful women and there’s a whole waggon load of them to be found at BBWCupid.

Looking for casual flings to marriage, these voluptuous oversized babes like to show off their big booty to their devotees. While some men there are larger than life, many are ordinary guys who just appreciate the sexy, curvaceous female form.

It’s Appealing

What I found appealing about this site is that it’s all done within an easy and safe setting for all involved. Everyone there is in it for the same kicks, so whether you are a plus sized prize or just get off on big bodies, you’ll find BBWCupid both friendly and a refreshing change from some of the other websites for fat singles.

What’s unique about this is that local people there join with the same aim in mind. I found the people on BBWCupid to be warm and friendly without any issues or hang-ups.

Once you’ve joined up, you get the following customary services for free:

  • You can put up your own photo ad for others to view
  • You can browse all ads of other singles
  • You can talk to any other paid-up members
  • Use the flirt button to show someone you’re interested
  • Create a pick list of users you like the look of
If you’ve decided this is for you, take the plunge and get registered. It won’t cost you anything. You’ll immediately have access to thousands of hot overweight singles seeking the solace of an admiring partner.

With the Gold upgrade package you get all of standard features plus you get to talk to anyone on the site without restriction. You can also use the personality match software. This comes as standard on Cupid Media’s websites.

You’ll soon find on getting into this online community, some are shy, others are extremely outgoing.

BBWCupid Is “Social”

Via the video or IM system, getting acquainted with men and women on the site doesn’t require any skills or expertise. Obviously the email is private but if you fancy being a bit more social, go to the chat areas and pick up on some of the raunchy conversations going on there.

mature bbw, at bbwcupid

I found a lot of the chat and banter between other users to be quite mature in nature. So don’t be surprised if you get hit on right away with people asking to hook up. It happens especially to females on the site.

How to Find Your Match

Finding a big buddy is no problem on BBWCupid. They’ve created several find/search pages that let you identify just what you’re looking for down to what they look like and their personality type. You can easily locate people nearby with their active location system.

What I liked especially was that there’s a good mix of age ranges to be found. You know on some sites it’s either all oldies, or at the other extreme you get sites full of teenagers messing around. BBWCupid is a bit different.

You can find mature women, and men mingling with the younger members. It’s all pretty much free loving and anything goes.

There’s also a handy extra called “cupid tags”. People there tag themselves to say what they like and what they’re into. That lets you search easily for things which aren’t written in the personality questionnaire.

Going Beyond the Basics

Once you reach the limitations of the standard account, you’ll probably find you need to go for “Gold Membership”. The main advantage of the upgrade is that it allows you the choice to contact anyone at any time without restriction. With the free account, the one which you join with, you will have to wait around for paid members to contact you. That’s the main drawback.

If you want to go VIP the Platinum account will give you unbounded access to everything on the site. I only recommend this if you’re an active user, say going on at least once per day. Otherwise, the Gold membership is enough.

Does BBWCupid Work?

The technology running BBWCupid makes it extremely easy to find and befriend new singles with a few mouse clicks. What’s unique about this is that local men and women there join with the same aim in mind. I found the people there to be warm and friendly without any issues or hang-ups.

So if you’re a big beautiful woman, or just a guy who wants to date one, this is definitely worth a closer look.

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