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Aussie Singles Rejoice at AussieCupid

Aussie Singles Rejoice at AussieCupid

Aussies may not be the most romantic bunch in the world but they do have a few websites for dating to get themselves busy on. Love & romance or just sex! It all depends what you’re looking for.

AussieCupid is one that I found to be a break from some of the more dreary, over sized main street sites that everyone seems to go to these days. Anyone can enter AussieCupid, regardless of where you live.

Getting to Know “the Aussies”

I took a look at this website on a wet Monday morning and I have to say and some of the profiles just made me grin. There’s nothing like a bit of Aussie humor to brighten your day. To say people are blunt and to the point is bit of an understatement. If you go online, you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. And be prepared for some friendly banter from the locals. It’s all part of the experience.

I found right from the start – there’s a lot of people who go to AussieCupid just for casual hookups. And not just guys, women too. See my survey results

I don’t understand why, but there were a lot of women on AussieCupid from outside of Australia.

But it’s not just that. According to cupidsviews sources, this petite website for lovelorn Aussies has a few marriages to its name. That surprised me. Especially since lots of the guys on there didn’t seem to care much for small talk. They seemed a lot more interested in telling you about what’s in their trousers than anything else!

hot australian girl: see at aussiecupid

AussieCupid Means Staying Local

With the land of Oz being such a big place, what I found is that the Australia singletons seem to stick to their own “neck of the woods”. You get little groups around Perth and the West. Then there’s a lively bunch of singles around Sydney and Canberra.

 International mystery ●  There are exceptions. I don’t understand why, but there were a lot of women on AussieCupid from outside of Australia. I could understand if they wanted to move to Australia. But they don’t! They list themselves as “not wanting to relocate”. I mean why put yourself on an Aussie dating website if you don’t live there or want to move there? It just seems a bit odd.

How to Break the Ice; Meeting New People

AussieCupid isn’t a matching site like eHarmony or others similar. They don’t tell you who you should be dating! Everyone is left to make their own way around and make their own intimate connections. What they do provide though are some ways for you to break the ice with people who’re new and unfamiliar.

So when you find that hot sexy girl, or that macho guy you’ll be able to show your interest without losing face. I found commenting on someone’s photo or sending an ice-breaker works well. If they don’t respond, who cares! Your identity is anonymous unless you tell someone your name or put it on your profile.

Men looking for casual/hookups
Women looking for casual/hookups
Women seeking marriage, or a serious relationship
Men seeking marriage, or a serious relationship
The rest
Table 1: This will give you a guide, it’s based on my small sample of users

Once you “break the ice”, so to speak, and get the person’s attention, you have a few options to take things a bit further:

  • The website’s video chat machine – Essential these days to check if your “new Aussie flame” is real – and not a scammer located in Africa. Don’t be fooled by people saying they can’t afford a webcam. They cost just a few dollars these days, so there’s no excuse.
  • Sending email messages – Private offline messaging, or email goes to their inbox and can be read at their leisure. Nobody’s real email address is ever revealed. This way, you can chat safely and anonymously. Waiting for replies can be frustrating however. Maybe I’m impatient, but I don’t get the same buzz, or vibes as with speaking live.
  • Language help – Meeting non-Australians on AussieCupid is not unheard of. In fact, I met dozens of Indonesians, Thais and Filipinos on there. That’s why they give you the language assistance button. Click this button and your emails with your new lusty mate are automatically translated for you.

Improve Your Chances: Your “Ideal” Matches

 Finding people ●  Go onto the search section of the website and you’ll see they have a few different buttons for searching. They do you let you create your own personal searches and save them for later. Which is a neat little time-saver.

Unfortunately, they don’t let you remove profiles of non-paying members from the searches.

Now one thing to keep an eye on. When you click and open someone’s profile, check out the “Quick View” piece. What that tells you is how the other person matches up to your preferences. It shows you if their criteria match yours.

If they look spookily like they’re looking for someone just like you, don’t worry. The matches are listed in order of how well suited you are to each other. So don’t forget to fill out these parts on your profile. Love needs a helping hand sometimes.

 Avoiding non paying members ●  Unfortunately, they don’t let you remove profiles of non-paying members from the searches. What I found is you can get a whole heap of people showing up. But then when you try to contact them, you find they haven’t been online for months.

Goto AussieCupid

They do prioritize people who’re online most often. But if you happen to be looking in an “out of the way area” – like I was – I had to keep “opening up” my searches to find enough suitable matches.

If you find someone who’s a standard member you can’t talk to them. I know, it sucks. But that’s the way it is. You’ll only be able to talk if at least one of you is a full member.

Be Flirtatious – It’s More Fun!

I found the social side of AussieCupid surprisingly addictive. I mean, you can amuse yourself by looking at people’s self made photos, making comments, and using online chat. Like I said above, as long as you’re talking with someone who’s taken out either a Gold or Platinum subscription, you’ll be fine.

I was browsing the site from Europe, and I think most of the Aussies must have been asleep! The bar at the top of the page would usually show about 10 or 20 people online at any particular time. Click that and it shows you who’s online. Usually it was men, and sometimes one or two women.

At cupidsviews we always checkout the demographics of the site. A lot of the women on AussieCupid are of Asian background. Not surprising considering the location.

Verdict: Does AussieCupid Work?

If you like Australia, as I do, you’ll love AussieCupid. My main criticism of this website is that it doesn’t have the same pull as big sites like POF or RSVP. But on the other hand, if you live somewhere in the outback, chances are your not going to meet a girl or guy next door anyhow.

It works for people as long as they’re flexible in who they meet and where they live.

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